Blast Cleaning and Industrial Painting

We can carry out all types of blast cleaning on concrete, steel, stone, brick etc. Our staff are experienced at both wet and dry blasting of steel for repainting and of brick and stone for the removal of graffiti. We removed all the graffiti on bridges and underpasses along the M-40 for Carillion using the Quill Falcon wet blast system We have carried out blast cleaning of bridge footings to remove concrete laitence on the A4146 for Alfred McAlpine. We blast cleaned over 1 kilometre of railings and repainted 4 pedestrian subways on the A-71 Calder Road for Edinburgh City Council. We blast cleaned two rail bridges in Lochend for Edinburgh City Council. Transport for London were impressed when we blast cleaned and repainted D rings along the Blackfriars Road outside their own offices.

In 2012 we blast cleaned and repainted over 12000m2 of steel work on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge in Belfast. 

We are currently blast cleaning subway approach retaining walls on Trinity Road in Wandsworth in preparation for the application of an anti-graffiti coating.




We used our dry blast pot to remove graffiti from the Queen Elizabeth Bridge on the A332 from the M4 to Windsor in 2000.


In September of 2006 we were asked by Alfred Mclpine plc to come and blast clean laitence from bridge footings prior to the concrete pour for the bridge supporting walls. We did this using our dry blast pot with Garnet media but we changed this to copper slag which was much faster. We were using the 3/8 nozzle and a 260cfm compressor. This worked very well and the work was completed within the time we had estimated, the customer was impressed and pleased. "Your grit blasting service provided an efficient alternative to using pneumatic scabblers to remove the laitence, eliminating the problems of hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) among operators."


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