Imax Cinema, London



The job was to clean, repair and apply an anti-graffiti coating to all the subway and walkway walls and soffits around the Imax cinema, Waterloo, London. Cleaning was carried out by using high pressure hot water. Redundant lighting blockouts were blocked out with studding and expanded metal lathing with a cement render finish. Cracks were cut out and repaired with sand and cement and metal lathing. Two coats of Keim MX glaze (polysiloxane coating supplied by Keim Paints) were applied to all soffits and walls. Soffits were finished in a cream colour and the walls in a light blue. All expansion joint sealants were removed and re-newed with silicone sealant. Over 100 metres of missing handrails were replaced by M and G Engineering All handrails were first T-washed, primed with Ameroat 4376 and undercoated with Amercoat 4377 epoxy paint finishing with Amercoat 450E non staining aluminium. This was carried out on behalf of Ringway Jacobs for Transport for London. The Blue Cave subway was painted with a darker blue to match the existing for the South Bank Employers Group

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